The Future for our Summer Schhols

Our first Little Heroes programme, in Lattakia, Syria, last year was successful beyond our expectations. In that first programme, we helped more than 200 displaced children to move on with their lives in a renewed spirit of trust and hope; we enabled them to become 'little heroes' who could play their own part in healing their families and their new communities.

This year, we are planning to bring over 1,100 displaced children across Syria to a series of Little Heroes programmes in Lattakia in the North, Safita in Central Syria, and As-Suwayda in the South (close to the Jordanian border). We will be doing this with the full support and encouragement of those communities, including the clergy of every denomination.

But we need the resources to do this. The total cost for these programmes is £35,000. That sounds like a lot, but it equals just £35 per child. We need the money to bring the children together, to feed them and to provide them with the materials they'll need for each three-day Little Heroes programme.

To help us to help the displaced children of Syria to learn to trust, to believe and to live again, please click on one of the buttons below to sponsor one or more children to become Little Heroes this year. Each child needs a donation of just £35.

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